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You need help designing technical architecture, choosing the right components and support buying it?  You want skilled specialist to deploy, for performance analysis, administering your environment or in an emergency situation?  My goal is to provide quality services based on almost 15 years of experience involved with Sun / Oracle technologies.

Architecture and pre-sales support top
Any project draws its source from a need. The need is analyzed, sliced, and a solution is then proposed to meet this need. This solution therefore gives the definition of the project. It is at the stage of the analysis of the solution that issues, requirements, constraints, and other contingencies are usually identified, and proper identification of these is the strong guarantee of successful implementation of the project. These issues, requirements, restrictions and other contingencies can be available budget, the completion time, the impact on the rest of the service mission, human resources, and so on.

The choice of technical components, including Sun Microsystems / Oracle ones, are as well concerned about the needs of a strong analysis. There are a multitude of products and solutions made by Sun / Oracle and the choice of these should be based on factors such as the budget of a project, the load that will be encountered by the components, if these components are critical and what level of hardware redundancy they must have, what will be the increase in load over time, the volume of storage, what is the scalability capacity of the components to be bought, and so on.

If the analysis is not adequate, not based on sufficient knowledge of the charges or the volume that will be required, or if knowledge of Sun / Oracle technology is not high enough, it is likely that the choice of these components may be inadequate, which would necessarily generate additional costs, either during the project, or shortly after the start of production, and so on. It is for these reasons among others that it is very important to give the necessary efforts in the architecture phase of the solution.

My extensive knowledge of Sun / Oracle and Solaris solutions can then help you to properly size the components to be acquired to meet the needs of your mission systems. Also, I can help you to list very specific components that will be needed for your project, be it servers, SAN or NAS storage devices, or parts (such as fiber HBA controller cards, required cables, etc.). I can also greatly facilitate the process of acquiring the components, thanks to my many contacts with the Oracle manufacturer, as well as authorized dealers of Sun / Solaris products.


Installation and Deployment top
Your organization have a great technical skilled team for managing your servers, but often the team members are overworked. I can help to complete the installation and deployment of your Sun / Oracle Solaris components. Contact me and we will evaluate all the prerequisites to meet, and the time needed to deploy your components.

Typical tasks undertaken for installation and deployment generally involve:

  • Components delivery reception: if new, it is important to check the state of it and that what was ordered has been delivered. We must quickly carry out to correct mistakes, if any, with the reseller and / or with the manufacturer.
  • The preparation of the site which will host the new components:  wiring, electrical connection, network, fiber, etc.., Installation of rails into cabinets, and so on.
  • The hardware installation itself, which is often to add components within an already existing operating environment, moving from one location to another, etc. In this step, it is important to pay particular attention to don't impact other components already in production...
  • The initial configurations that consist typically of configuring ports remote support (ALOM ports, ELOM, ILOM, etc.). Once this is done, often the rest of the work can be done remotely (outside the server room, etc.).
  • The installation of the operating system, or configuring shared storage volumes, etc.
  • Advanced features, specific to the needs of the project (system settings for hosting Oracle databases, creating users, authentication with Active Directory, etc.).
  • Application specialists or database administrators (DBAs) team support, during the other phases of project deployment.
  • Operations and technical team support to provide the information necessary to daily operate and maintain new deployed components.

Operating and administering top
You already have one or more Sun / Solaris components, and looking for a highly competent and recognized expertise in this area? I am the person you need!

Sun / Solaris components has long been recognized for their reliability, efficiency and capacity to support heavy loads. Nevertheless, these Sun / Oracle components and Solaris operating system are as complex as their abilities are great, and good health of these depend on a precise and proper installation and maintenance. Generally, if the components are installed and that monitoring and events reporting are set up as required, the Sun / Solaris components will be the best in terms of reliability.

As a Sun Solaris specialist, I offer to operate and administer your Sun Solaris components so that they are always available and ready to deliver the full capacity, by setting up proper events notification and monitoring, and making the needed corrections, if any, long before the problems reach proportions that affect your mission delivey.


Technical analysis top
You already have one or more operating environments with Sun Solaris components, and you would like to have a detailed big picture, or to make sure that everything is configured the way it should? Want to know how your environment could benefit from Sun / Oracle Solaris components to improve, both in terms of consistency, performance, or safety?

I often do make this kind of validation in a variety of clients, both within government departments and agencies, in hospitals, manufacturing companies, municipal services, and so on. The analysis I produce may be limited to the Sun / Oracle Solaris world, or cover the entire technical environment of an organization.

Broadly, when I do an analysis contract, I perform the following tasks:

  • Gathering information, utilization metrics, event logs, details of support contracts, list of components in place and in use, etc.
  • Problem identification and contextual characteristics specific to the object of analysis.
  • Achieving a complete and detailed documentation of the current situation.
  • Production of findings, and identification of issues related to these findings, as the items are identified and subject to analysis.
  • Production of a report with recommendations, with scenarios based on budget and contextual constraints, in order to address issues previously identified.

Emergency support top

Wish you had access to highly skilled help if problems arise with your Sun / Oracke Solaris components? Contact me to make an agreement, on a monthly or annual basis, which gives you access to emergency support. Several solutions are possible, including a phone call-based support, a remote controlled online support or on-site full support.

Through the establishment of some basic prerequisites depending on the type of support desired (eg. a hardware support contract with the manufacturer, a mechanism for accessing remote components, etc.), we both determine the desired levels of service, including identifying the time slots for which the service is assumed, the time management of a service call, and so on.

Even in the absence of a support contract, if you have problem with your Sun / Oracle Solaris components, feel free to contact me anyway: depending on my availability, I will try to do my very best to help.


Subcontracting top
Because of my strong specialization with Sun / Oracle Solaris solutions, a large proportion of my clients includes consulting firms and companies. So if you are a company doing business with Sun / Oracle Solaris solutions, and you do not have the expertise to complete the fulfillment, please contact with me , I will be happy to act in your team as a subcontractor.

For anything else ... top
Obviously, although covering most of the services I offer daily, all the above may not represent an exhaustive list of tasks that I am entitled to do. So if you have a need that is related to Sun / Oracle Solaris components and solutions, but does not seem to be detailed above, so feel free to contact me ! I'll be happy to discuss it with you! And if it appears that I am not the right person to help, I could probably put you in touch with someone who can help.
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